Now you’re thinking with Portals…

I wanted to do something Portal related, since I love that game and there’s been a lot of clever ad campaigns going on around the launch date. After seeing some other companion cubes and even Westley in action, I came up with a simple idea that I would take the guy from the bus ads I saw around town and try and make something similar in real life (double-decker bus from other international city found via google):

First step was taking the logo and tracing it onto card stock, something that would hold up and keep it’s shape. To do this I use a piece of plexiglass from my old self made server rack and place a bright light underneath, a poor man’s tracing table:

The next step was to cut the man and portal out of the card so I could use the negative (left and right 8″ x 11″s) to trace both onto pieces of MDF (top):

Closer image of the sharpy tracings on some scraps of MDF:

Pieces were cut out using a dremel and jigsaw and glued together:

Edges were smoothed and sanded:

I then used Bondo to make the swirling portal around the edges:

Each piece was primed:

Closer shot of the blue side:

Close shot of the orange side:

Then each was painted with regular acrylic craft paints. A couple of coats were needed and dry-brushing was done on the edges to give it a more dynamic look:

Each piece was give a clear glossy protective overcoat and then a hanger was attached to the back.

Final Results weren’t bad:

And in action:

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