Window Shelves

Diane wanted to have some herbs and plants in the kitchen and there wasn’t a whole lot of room on the windowsills for plants. So, I decided to make here some window shelves, I figured they’d be pretty simple: just extensions of the current window sills with edges so whatever is on them can’t go off the edge. Since we rent, we didn’t want to damage the current sills, so I wanted to put legs on them so they could support the weight without relying on the current sills.

First up was measuring, cutting, sanding, and making holes to screw into the legs:

The edges were glued on and then finishing nails were used to hold them on:

A quick coat of wood conditioner and all ready to be stained.

In the end I ended up doing 3 different shelves: 1 for by the kitchen sink. Stained and polyurethaned.

One by the larger kitchen window.

Then one by my desk.

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